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Our trip to the Wild West!

In October 2023, 16 students and two teachers went on an exchange to explore the Wild West in Idaho. After our arrival in Idaho Falls, we went to our host families where we stayed for the next two weeks and enjoyed incredible hospitability and generosity. During weekdays everybody accompanied his or her partner student in their classes at two different schools (Thunder Ridge and Bonneville). There we got interesting insights into the American school system. After school we returned to the host families who we spend most of the time with.  The extremely kind host families showed us many sights all over their state and even in Wyoming. We’re so grateful and happy that we could take part in this amazing exchange.

In the following section you can find short reports from us about trips and experiences we were able to enjoy. We would ever do this again and still stay in touch with our lovely hosts. Some of them are going to visit us in the following year.

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